Use in live performance


Use of recorded music in live performance


The producer or organiser of a show that will broadcast recorded music must contact the SPEDIDAM beforehand.

The SPEDIDAM will then provide a form that enables the identification of the recordings used and provides the necessary authorisations.

This document must be duly filled in and signed by the producer or organiser and returned to the SPEDIDAM.

The SPEDIDAM will then provide an agreement authorising the use of the recorded music during the given show.

Users can choose among two types of licences with SPEDIDAM:

  • a short-term licence for the use of specific musical recordings in all performances of a given show
  • a long-term (5-year) licence for the use of all recorded music in all shows. This licence entitles the person (organiser or producer) in charge of paying royalties to performers to a 20% discount on the amounts payable to the SPEDIDAM.

The producer or organiser must register the use of recorded music in their shows on a quarterly basis using a special form called “bordereau”.

The producer or organiser must provide the SPEDIDAM, when applicable, with the contact details of any organisation that has committed to pay performers’ rights and the corresponding relevant documents.

For any questions or requests concerning the use of recordings for background music in a live performance, please contact the SPEDIDAM Live Performance Department (Service du spectacle vivant) by post or by e-mail at the address:

Live Performance Department:

+33 (0)