Other use than in live performance


Use of recorded music other than in live performance


A producer who wishes to use a pre-existing musical recording in a movie picture, a commercial videogram, a website, for publishing a commercial phonogram, etc. must contact the SPEDIDAM beforehand to ask for an authorisation.

The delivery of this authorisation requires the signature of an agreement with the SPEDIDAM and the payment of the corresponding royalties due to performers calculated according to the applicable tariffs.

Users can choose among two types of licences with SPEDIDAM:

  • a short-term licence for the secondary use of one or more specific recording(s).
  • a long-term (5-year) licence for a specific type of secondary use for a number of recordings not defined beforehand, on a declaratory basis.

Signature of a long-term licence enables the user to avoid having to sign a new agreement in case of similar secondary use and to benefit from a 20% discount on royalties owed to performers.

For any questions or requests concerning secondary use of recordings, please contact the SPEDIDAM Legal Department by post or by e-mail at the address: service-juridique@spedidam.fr, indicating:

  • the title of the recording
  • the timing of the music used
  • the number of performers involved
  • intended secondary uses if any
  • the channels concerned, in case of a secondary use in the form of a broadcast or cable distribution
  • the number of copies planned for recording a commercial phonogram or videogram