Nearly 37,000 performing artists have chosen to join the SPEDIDAM.

The fact that a performer has registered a recording or received royalties does not necessarily mean they are an associate of the SPEDIDAM.

Why joining SPEDIDAM?

Joining SPEDIDAM allows you to benefit from:

  • increased protection of intellectual property rights, notably regarding secondary uses and ‘illicit’ recordings
  • more comprehensive management of these rights in comparison to a non-member, in particular to receive additional remuneration from abroad
  • a personalised and secure access to your ‘Artist account’ on the SPEDIDAM’s website which provides members with the details of their allocations, the distribution rules, the information communicated at each general assembly
  • personalised advice provided by SPEDIDAM’s legal department.

Spedidam membership enables the member to:

  • play an active role in SPEDIDAM’s functioning, notably by attending general meetings and electing members of the Board of Directors
  • make your voice heard during debates in the society and strengthen SPEDIDAM’s actions
How can you join SPEDIDAM?


Fill in the membership application online

Or print and fill the membership agreement and, if applicable, the optional declaration :


Optional declaration PDF Membership agreement PDF