Paris, March 17, 2020





In application of the French Government’s decisions taken on March 13 and 16, 2020 aiming to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus, SPEDIDAM closes its offices as of Monday, March 16, 2020 until further notice.

To face this exceptional situation, the priority is to take care of you and your relatives.

This is why, following the latest Government announcements, SPEDIDAM has taken a series of measures to protect you as well as our employees, while ensuring the continuity of our activities.

We will keep handling your requests in the best possible conditions throughout this unprecedented period. Our teams make every effort to keep assisting the right-holders in their proceedings and ensure the payment of their remunerations. This also applies for the organisations benefitting from SPEDIDAM subventions.

We encourage you to contact us preferably by email and invite all the right-holders to use our online services that are available via their performer account on (consultation of documents, updating of your personal information, registration of your statements).

The 5th SPEDIDAM Meetings for Culture and Creation that were planned on March 24, 2020 are postponed to a later date. SPEDIDAM wishes to thank its members for their support, as well as the performers, speakers and technical staff who took part in organizing this event.

We thank you for your patience and will keep you updated of any change that could occur following the future Government decrees.


About SPEDIDAM (Collecting Society for the Administration of Performer’s Rights) :

SPEDIDAM, founded in 1959, is a collective management organisation that protects the intellectual property rights of performers. It helps artists control the use of their recordings and receive additional remunerations for secondary uses. SPEDIDAM complies with the Intellectual Property Code by making contributions to support creation, live performance, artistic and cultural education and train artists. It distributes remunerations and royalties to more than 110,000 performers, 38,000 of whom have chosen to become associate members.

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